Development & Intervention Practitioner

Delivering culturally informed training

Keiran is responsible for promoting and improving equality and diversity within some of Suffolk’s prison establishments.

The work includes providing guidance on how to deal with incidences of discrimination in prison. He has a holistic approach to supporting offenders and their families. Keiran works with communities most affected by crime through a culturally informed practice.

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Understanding Community Centred Desistance interventions

This area of delivery applies a community informed approach to developing and supporting individuals and communities that are disadvantaged, marginalised, hard to reach and impacted by crime, to become ‘desistance ready’ (ready for change) through empowerment focused .

Stop Loan Shark’s Project

Between January and September 2019 Keiran Manners worked with community partner Arts La’ Olam and renowned international artist Everton Wright (Evewright Studio) to deliver a project at a therapeutic prison in Suffolk .

Sian Berry at City Hall (London Assembly HQ)

Meeting with Sian Berry on 27th March 2019 at City Hall (London Assembly .

A New Partner in Prison Consultancy

Fari Taherinia Eastern Region Coordinator for HMPPS (Her Majesty Prison and Probation Service) RISE Network. The RISE Network is set up to embed improved ways of working with the ethos of Racial Inclusion and Striving for Equality. Fari is anew partner to the prison consultancy work being developed for prisons in 2020 and beyond .